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Week 5

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Cooperating online & wrap-up


(Week 5 : Feb 8 - 15, 2015)





Moderators :

Marijana Smolcec (Croatia), Ayat Tawel (Egypt), and Sanja Bozinovic (Croatia) 

Guest Presenter:

Vance Stevens




By the end of this week you will have:  




Task 1


Share your reflections about how you intend to implement any of the tools introduced in previous weeks in your face-to-face classrooms or online learning and add your name to the future collaboration projects on the Google Doc.


Task 2


Let's collaborate together using Titanpad tool. Continue a story shared on TitanPad here. Write 2 or 3 sentences and keep the story going. Let's see how creative we can get!


Task 3


You are invited to attend a live presentation by Vance Stevens on "Once a Webhead always a Webhead" at the Webheads Elluminate vRoom on Sunday Feb. 8th at 14:00 GMT 





Task 4

Share your reflections on ICT4ELT in the Edmodo group here. 


Task 5

Complete the final Survey here. 


Task 6

Join the EVO2015 Live Webcast: Sharing Your Experience at the Webheads Elluminate vRoom on Sunday February 15th from 14:00 GMT to 16:30 GMT.


Task 7

Join the Webheads in Action community of practice at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/  

and/or Webheads group on Facebook or Google+Community here.



Tools to explore


1. Google Docs (you can find a tutorial on Google Docs here) and/or watch it below:   



TitanPad ( you can find the tutorial for TitanPad here or watch the recording below)











I have....

  • shared my reflections on how I intend to use the tools from previous weeks in my classroom and added my name to the Google Doc for future collaboration projects 
  • attended the live session/listened to the recording
  • collaborated on Titanpad 
  • commented on the Live Session in our Google+Community
  • shared my reflections on ICT4ELT using the Edmodo Group
  • tweeted using #ICT4ELT 
  • completed the EVO Evaluation Survey
  • attended the live "EVO 2015 Live Webcast: Sharing Your Experience"
  • joined the Webheads community of practice





Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net



To get a badge for this week, you at least need THREE out of FOUR tasks:


  • add your name to the Google Doc project and share your reflection 
  • collaborate on the Titanpad task
  • share your reflections on ICT4ELT in our Edmodo group
  • attend and comment on Live session


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