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Ayat Tawel



Hi everyone !!

I'm an EFL teacher from Cairo, Egypt. I have been teaching different age groups and levels for more than thirteen years. I'm currently teaching adults and young learners at the British Council in Egypt. My main interests are blended learning, using web 2.0 tools in teaching and enhancing creativity in the classroom. I was a co-moderator for Baw, one of EVO previous sessions, in 2012 and 2013, and then a co-moderator for ICT4ELT in its first round in 2014. 

Through EVO sessions, I have conducted some successful international collaboration projects with teachers from different countries around the world, worked closely with leading members of the technology in the classroom field and presented in online and f2f events and conferences.

Hope you enjoy learning and sharing with us in ICT4ELT 2015 !! :)


Skype ID : Ayat.Tawel

Twitter: @ayatawel




Helen Davies



I'm Helen. I live and work in France. I'm lucky to live in the mountains  - so lots of snow  and skiing for me!

I'm a teacher and teacher trainer and one of the most exciting moments of the year is EVO session time. 

I took my first steps learning about computers in the classroom with the EVO session "Becoming a webhead" (BAW) and was a member of the moderator team. 

We hope you will enjoy this session as much as we do. It's such a pleasure to learn and share with so many colleagues around the world. 


You can find me here: 

skype:   hdavies06

twitter:  @helen100463




Jose Antonio da Silva


My name is Jose Antonio. I am an EFL teacher living in Brasilia, Brazil. I have been a co-moderator in EVO since 2008. In 2013, I was invited to be in the EVO Coordination Team. As such, it is always a pleasure to join the enthusiastic group of educators that register for EVO sessions every year. I have been teaching English for 25 years and I love what I do. In my classes, I always try to use ICT tools in a way that encourages students to use language meaningfully.  As we prepare for the 2015 learning journey, I would like to welcome all the educators join us this year.

Warm hugs from Brazil

Skype ID: joseantoniook

Yahoo ID: Joseaokc

Twitter: @joseantoniook




Marijana Smolcec



I am Marijana Smolcec from a small town of Ogulin in Croatia. I am also an English and Croatian language teacher, with 13 years of experience, proud Webhead and a co-moderator of  TESOL EVO courses "Becoming a Webhead 2012" and "Becoming a Webhead 2013". Co-organizer of Reform Symposium eConference #RSCON, school project coordinator, interested in developing online projects, avid user of web 2.0 tools, team worker, passionate about teaching teenagers and Edtech, proud mom and a wife.

I am happy to be joing my great co-mods this year! Let's learn together!

I blog at: http://englishlearning-marijanasblog.blogspot.com/


Skype: mare302

Twitter: mscro1



Mbarek Akaddar


.I'm Mbarek Akaddar from Beni Mellal, Morocco. I have been a teacher of English for 26 years. I m an ICT  teacher trainer and Adobe Education Trainer 

I have participated in EVO sessions since 2007. I was one of the moderators of BAW 2011, 2012 and 2013. This year , I joined the EVO coordinating team and  ICT4ELT2014  moderating team.

I look forward to learning and sharing with you :-) 


Yahoo :               mbarekakaddar

Skype:                 mbarek.akaddar 

Twitter :          https://twitter.com/Mbarek




Svetlana Obenausova


 I live and work in the Czech Republic, I am a teacher and a teacher trainer at the Department of English, Faculty of Education. I teach a variety of courses, ICT for teachers of English is one of them. I graduated in several ICT online courses and I was one of the team of moderators in BAW2012 and BAW2013. I especially use Web 2.0 in my online teaching.

I hope you will enjoy the course. We will be always around to help you if you need it.


Skype: dandelion13

Twitter: svetlanaobe





Sanja Bozinovic



My name is Sanja and I am an EFL teacher at a primary school in Velika Gorica, Croatia, where I live with my husband and two sons.

 I have been a teacher for 24 years.

I have also been a Webhead for many years and with Webheads I have learned a lot about the use of web 2.0 tools, collaboration and sharing.

This year I am one of the moderators for ICT4ELT. I look forward to this year’s session and

welcome all the teachers who want to learn how to use technology to enhance language lessons and to have a lot of fun learning and teaching.


Yahoo ID: sanja.bozinovic

Twitter: @bsanja

Skype: msbozinovic                     

Facebook: Sanja Bozinovic







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